Sumita Acharya

I'm Sumita Acharya, a jewellery artist with my online jewellery boutique Bombay Bead. I was previously an expressionist artist, inspired by fauvism, with shows in the leading art galleries around India.

Mumbai, India

Bombay Bead

Being a trained artist and fashion designer, I like playing with textures, balance and colours. My handcrafted online jewellery boutique follows the same philosophy. I use semiprecious stones, glass beads, shell pearls, mother of pearl, resin, rhinestones and antique jewellery to create my mix0media jewellery which is contemporary, one of a kind yet very affordable.


Who I Am

My expressionist paintings inspired by fauvism have had shows in prominent art galleries around India, including Jehangir Art Gallery. As I became inspired by jewellery, I slowly started channeling my creative energy towards my online jewellery store, Bombay Bead.


My Work

Here's a few glimpses into my work, art and jewellery.

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